Why should you think about cyber security

When you own a website, it's important to keep cyber security in mind. Or at least work with someone that knows about it!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of malicious people on the internet that will attempt to break into your website for many reasons. Some, just like the challenge. Others are trying to use your website to hide criminal activities.

We say this from experience. One of our current clients had her website hijacked a few years back. Someone has placed a hidden page that looked like large bank website.

The way she found out was because someone with knowledge of what was going on sent her a direct e-mail alerting about the hidden page. When she contacted, us it was a little bit too late, the hacker deleted everything from her website. All files, images, text have been removed by the attacker, to make it harder to chase them. This had another negative impact as it revealed that problem she was not aware. The were no backups!

Cyber criminals target not only large corporations, but also small websites, which often have weak defences against them. Most corporations have dedicated security teams, that identify threats and respond almost immediately, therefore it’s hard to break in.

A small website on the other hand doesn’t have this luxury. They can however be designed with security in mind and provide a reasonable amount of defence without breaking the bank.

The reason why they are targeted is to either acquire information about its users (such as credit cards on eCommerce websites or username/password to attempt using or larger sites like amazon, e-bay, etc.), or host fake pages to harvest fraudulent information often sent to e-mails via spam.

You don’t have to understand all the technical aspects of how to protect your website, this is why it’s important to hire someone that will look after your and your client’s information. This is also one of the reasons why we wrote about why log in with Google and Facebook is important for your security.

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