Why “Log in with Google/Facebook” is important for your security.

The more we immerse ourselves on the digital world, the more at risk we become targets of cyber attacks. Nobody wants to have their personal information out there in the wild.

Passwords here, there, everywhere! How many websites know your password? Do you trust them with it? And finally, how many sites use the same email and password?

A simple solution that helps solving this issue is to let some of the biggest names in website to look after your information. When cyber criminals want to hack someone, they are more likely to succeed with smaller sites, as they probably don’t have a dedicated security team. However hacking Google, Facebook or Twitter is a much more difficult task. To start they have specialist teams monitoring their services 24/7! So why trust them to keep your information safe? If you have an account with them, they already have all they need anyway.

For you as a website owner, logging in with Google, Facebook or Twitter is a good thing, as you don’t have the responsibility of looking after your client’s passwords. You won’t even have that!

Your clients have the advantage of using a trusted big player to keep their sensitive private information and still normal access to your site. Without having to remember “another” password! Isn’t that great?

The process is simple, when the user clicks on “Login with Facebook” they then login onto Facebook and approve your site to know some information about them (like Name and Email), then after they agree to share that information, Facebook send a signal to your site validating that the person is who they say they are.

This does help simplify your clients Internet experience and keep them safer online.

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