Budget Website

Just by being online there is a significant change for your business. It means that a whole new audience is aware about it, literally, at their fingertips. While traditional ad methods (Magazines and Leaflets) are still useful, they have a limited reach. The internet is easy to use from anywhere these days. While on the bus, I can contact companies and arrange work to be performed when I am available. Late night when I remember my boiler needs servicing, I can contact my plumber before I forget. These seem simple examples, but they are happening more and more often. Clients preferring to hire companies that suits them, not the other way around.

Being online does not need to be expensive. Big corporations rely on large teams and a complex infrastructure to support their websites, but smaller companies don’t have that luxury. One of the key points is to make the most of the investment.

Your business can have an online presence with an investment as little as £155. The website has a couple of pages (usually the front page and a contact form) and a domain, so you can have your professional looking e-mails (such as info@myCompany.com). The hosting is made easy by opting for a shared plan, where all the bureaucracy is taken care for you.

A good looking website doesn’t have to cost thousands and you don’t need to become an expert web developer beside doing your own profession. You can count on our experts in web design to help you have more clients.

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