About us

The Digital U is a digital marketing company and web service provider founded by Halley in October 2016, crafting a multi-disciplinary approach to digital marketing. We aim to help your company in attaining its goal affordably, efficiently, and measurably. We have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts, who have wide IT experience, talent, and knowledge web design, development, marketing, support, and resourcing. We have comprehensive approach that brings all aspects of digital marketing together to get you the best results with the highest return of investment.

Halley is the founder of The Digital U, with over 17 years of experience and IT, ranging from software development, software development, and support, to resourcing and project management. His last 12 years in the industry was on large multinational companies, who is leading on their sectors (financial, and oil and gas).


At The Digital U, we are dedicated to helping other business meet their dreams. By using the combination of expertise and latest technologies, we can set your business on a firm footing and succeed without having any difficulties. For the previous 10 years, the online scenario has been changing dramatically. It brings great satisfaction to our team to know that we can help others. From redefining the whole process flow to a simple creation of spreadsheet, we can help your company improve and thus, stay ahead of the competition.

We have a passionate team of technical staffs, who are using innovative technology to help you meet the best results in digital services. Contact us for more details.