5 reasons to have a website

 1- Always open to your customers

Unlike a shop, websites don’t close, anyone can find about your company anytime, anywhere in the world. You no longer have the boundaries of reaching who walks past your shop or seeing an Ad.

2- Improves your credibility

Most customers that deal companies online prefer to email to harry@local-flower-shop.com than harry82@gmail.com. Having your own domain looks more professional and trustworthy.

4- Add convenience to your clients

If you sell products, then website is the perfect place where customers can buy at their convenience. It doesn’t matter if it is late night, or if they are on their way to work. Though websites you can have a sale that otherwise wouldn’t happen if it relied on the customer had to visit your shop.

5- Easier to remember than a phone number.

What is easier to remember? www.TheDigital-U.com or 0800 852 7974? Domain names are often associated with the company name, making it simple to find (on google) and very easy to remember. This is a simple way for business to return to you.

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